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As if there weren’t enough problems in the world, the earth started shaking in Lebanon, Kansas… Formerly the last dormant Hellmouth known to exist in this dimension.

And with each earthquake the supernatural activity increased until the ground cracked behind the locked door of a hidden, specialized vault somewhere in an old bunker down a dirt road.

The energy and happenings in the area soon drew in monsters and demons from everywhere and, with them, hunters and slayers from all corners of the globe. All looking to track down the source of all that power.

Meanwhile, a couple of idiots in a classic car just happen to inherit a legacy.


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          Mostly for samattheend - Finally got around to this one. Sam & Faith, lyrics from Third Eye Blind’s, ‘Deep Inside of You’. Hoping the next bunkerverse fanart will be Tyler/Caroline but if anyone has requests (the vague-er, the better, lol) for verse art give me a jingle and I’ll see what I can do.

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nothing important || Faith and Alaric


             Alaric shook his head vigorously. “Nah, man, I… as far as I know she didn’t even know I was here. And I sure as shit don’t want her here. I want her… in college. Safe from all of this. I mean, our part of Virginia’s no picnic, but this place is dangerous, and she’s a baby, you know?” He winced. “Maybe we should enlist Buffy to give ’er a scare, send her home to books and boys and… whatever else she’s getting up to at that college of hers. I don’t like it. I mean, the Hellmouth draws people in, right? And by people, I mean…”

     He looked hungrily at the offered pack of cigarettes. Ten years at least, not counting the occasional cigar with Damon. What the hell. “Thanks,” he said, thumbing one out and lighting it. Holy hell, he’d forgotten what a first drag could feel like. It felt wrong, smoking in a rarefied environment like this, but whatever. “It’s been a long time.”

          Amazingly, he didn’t cough up a lung.

                          “We’re trekkin’ out there… yeah, ’m not sure myself. It’s a nice hotel, and Damon… is way too fond of the finer things in life.” He shrugged. “He’s bound to get sick of drivin’ back and forth, though, so if that was an offer, I’ll talk to him about it. Can a vampire even get in here?” He frowned. “And no joke, run it by Ernie and Bert first? Not gonna make ourselves at home somewhere we’re not welcome.” He sipped the coffee, remembering what a perfect combination caffeine and nicotine made. He ashed in the cardboard cup he’d dumped by the sink. “Meantime, I’ve got my truck, he’s got the Camaro, and we’re not married. So if you wanna point me at something, do. Book. Monster. Hell, I’ll cook. At your beck and call here. And tell me you have something specific in mind, because my feet are itchy.”


           — “Don’t you have some, like… ex-uncle powers, or whatever the hell you were to those kids? Damn, put on Scary Ric and give Gilbert a talking to. Make sure to do that… weird eyebrow thing. That don’t work? You take her on a walk and, oops, just happen to run into a slay. See how heavy it is, probably pack all her blow dryers and head for campus.”

                                         Eventually Faith’s cigarette made it to the corner of her mouth so she could try her damndest to talk around it while she tightened the lacing on the boot she’d been resting on a stool, “Yeah, guess the dimension on the other side’s got some kinda power source. Demons, vamps… to them it’s wafting off the town like smoke, man. Calling em in from all corners. The screwed up part is nobody even knows where it is. Can’t find it, can’t close it.”

                         “Leave the chuckleheads to me. I need back up, they suck at it, so they don’t get a say. But if it’s that big a deal, man, I’ll put a post it on the fridge.” She finished with her shoe lace and raked her hair out of her face, “You that itched to do damage? Hey, to each his own. In the right town for it. You ever exploded a vampire?.”

Coffee Run


A sigh and a soft laugh to follow it. It was lust and frustration, both. A mix with his paranoia. Well, at least Faith was a grounding influence, “Okay, fair...” low volume in the space between them. It was space he just… couldn’t stand anymore.


It was hard to know when it was alright to be close. Public displays of affection weren’t exactly blacklisted from his life, but really, they were part of a Sam Winchester that didn’t exist anymore. The Sam who could use the L word, who could hold Jess’s hand because he wanted to and not Amelia’s because she expected him to, who could allow himself intimacy without using force to mask his feelings. That Sam died a long time ago.

Or, at least, Sam thought he had… But lately he wasn’t so certain. In fact, he was starting to feel more like… Sam… and less like the monster he knew he was, “Uh, right, yeah.” Their kiss continued and it was almost pointedly deepened by Sam, “Shop talk…”

            Intimate moments in public said her boy was either high as a kite or in the middle of some serious body snatcher drama. But Faith wasn’t gonna look a gift horse in the mouth, and she really wasn’t about to say no because that bunker was crowded and the more their little mystery of the week heated up, the less she had Sam to herself. Everyone was so exhausted after the marathons of fruitless hunting that, when the day was over, the bed was used for, well… sleeping.
                                ——- She couldn’t shake the feeling that he wasn’t telling her something. Tongues as a distraction had always been her schtik, but it was a a damn fine use of her time and, frankly, she was too tired to ask what his deal was.


                     Faith couldn’t just return the kiss, he had barely initiated it and she was already biting, his jaw firmly set in her hand. They were bordering on a week without a roll, a crazy long time in Sam and Faith town to go without a little touch, and the fact that they were sitting in a Starbucks meant that their LP was about to go public… fast.

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